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Our Services

Smart Home Systems

In our automation system you can control the following; lighting control, control from shutters and/or electric curtains, fans, exhausters, intrusion system, volumetric protection, premiere protection, temperature control system (cooling and heating), sound systems, video door entry & home video surveillance systems.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

The building automation system evaluates, analyzes and optimizes a building’s indoor environment. It is thoughtfully engineered by BDAS to ensure excellent performance. Using exceptional methods that are efficient, thoughtful and reliable. In other words, it's the BMS that creates exceptional environments.

Automatic Doors and Access Control

Your property is protected by BDAS security systems, Features needed to keep you safe and manage all your sites by central management devices. You can control your property remotely via internet using your mobile or computer friendly software provided by the manufacturers or independent 3rd party app.

Professional Audiovisual Systems

With the understanding of the importance of sound quality in mind, BDAS provides many audio solutions to your home, office, theater, stage or any other. We also provide integration with IPTV solutions for the hospitality sector, where you would be able to customize the interface to fit your needs (welcoming message, language, Categorization of TV and radio programs, Targeted information and advertisement, Access to services and staff, etc..).

Fire Alarm Systems

BDAS, provides complete fire alarm solutions for our clients using the most professional designs, techniques, materials & fixing. Using reputable brands with premium quality and warranty, BDAS competes with other companies by delivering the maximum safety and reliability with Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, Addressable Fire Systems Voice Evacuation Systems and Emergency and Exit Light.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing [MEP]

Lighting design, Electrical power distribution and Single Line Diagram (SLD). Building Automation System is the foundation of modern building energy management efficiency. This intelligent, world-class technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems.

Ignition SCADA

Universal Platform: SCADA, alarming, reporting, and more — on one platform Built on Trusted IT standards: SQL, Python, MQTT and OPC UA. Web-Based Deployment: Web-launch clients to any device with a web-browser Voice Evacuation Systems and Emergency and Exit Light.

Programmable logic controller (PLCs)

Our specialization in PLC based Electrical control panels, fixed & Draw out Type MCC / PCC Panels, Instruments Panels, SCADA, Automatic power factor control panels.

Electrical test equipment

Testing Solutions, Testing Software, Electrical testing accessories and Electrical test equipment with the highest quality in design and service to meet the needs of customers and users worldwide, an extensive range as the most suitable and reasonable answer to the real needs of these users.

Partial Discharge & Low Voltage equipment

Partial Discharge Solutions, Low Voltage Solutions ... End-to-end power engineering solutions, supporting customers in managing and operating electrical assets reliably, safely and efficiently.